Collect the points and get benefits

Write your article related to traveling, accommodation or trips.

The most poits you get for writing and publishing an article about natural, cultural attractions, tours, and events that would interest other site users. Articles can be linked with already inserted interestings that will be displaying with the article.

Insert a place of interest

You can gain the points for insertion any tourist attraction (natural, cultural, historical and other).

Insert a tourist trail with the trip description

By publishing and recommending a tourist route to others you gain more points. You must have GPX file from your GPS for uploading the presented trip.

Insert any event

Does any interesting event take place in your surrounding? Do you know about some event, which is worthy to be published?

how many points do you need?

Points required Points
premium for 1 week 800
premium for 1 months 2700
premium for 3 months 3000
premium for 6 months 5000
premium for 12 months 9000

How do you get the points?

Action Add and sharing Every 20th Every 20th
The insertion of a place of interests 10 15 20
The event insertion 10 15 20
The insertion of a tourist attractions with the trip description 15 15 20
The article insertion 20 15 20